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EIG Travel . Fashion . Food & Gift exhibition is set to showcase your products to marketeers for the hospitality sector.

We aim to initiate an exploration into showcasing small businesses' products and stories to the millions of tourists that visit Singapore. To let them experience our Singapore brands within the comfort of their hotel rooms.


Calling out all brand owners

Limited space available

EIG will provide very experienced retail salespeople to man the booth.

Package  a

6 square metre space

Package B

1 square table: 50cm by 50cm (approx)

Call 6255 5800
Email ruiqing@eig88.com

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Are you a Marketeer?

If you are a Marketing / PR Company that has track records of ecommerce within the hospitality space, please register your interest with us and we will get in touch with you soon !

Check out our demo site: tfg.eig88.com


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