Snap and Upload

List and manage your items by simply taking a walk around your warehouse with your phone!



Negotiate & Sell

Negotiate with your buyers to ensure a fair price and suitable shipping arrangement.




Fulfill the order and get paid once your buyer receives their items.



Reduce cost of storing, managing & disposal

Solution to manpower shortage

Leaner backend operation

Additional revenue


1. Reduce cost of storing, managing & disposal

Excess inventory can amount up to 20-30% of the cost of ownership, this includes storage cost, handling cost, depreciation cost. Having more avenues to sell excess inventory enables the company to reduce such costs.

2. Solution to manpower shortage

With the EIG Marketplace inventory system, companies would not need extra manpower to manage their excess inventory. The EIG Marketplace also makes it simple for sellers to to upload and facilitate trade all on one platform. EIG Marketplace serves as a search engine for buyers to reach to sellers. This reduces the cost of hiring more salespeople. 

3. Leaner backend operation

Requesting for quotation and comparing of price is made easier with EIG Marketplace. Purchasing and procurement is streamline through our platform reducing time on getting the best deals. 

4. Additional revenue

EIG Marketplace supports an additional revenue stream for sellers whom come onboard. Selling of excess inventory helps to generate cashflow and gain back loss that might have occured.

5. Reach out to more buyers 

EIG Marketplace will be extending its reach to South East Asia, helping companies to sell across countries. We are giving smaller companies a helping hand to go beyond the local market into international trading.

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Be a seller on eig

1. Application

Merchants submit their company information, operational capability and business scope to EIG.

2. Reach out

EIG Team will reach out to you explaining our Terms and Condition and criteria needed to be part of our community.

3. Verification & Approval

EIG Team will examine and verify the company's profitability, scope of operations, business objectives and inventory stock size. Eligible merchants will be approved