Lean Enterprise Development Program to assist SMEs in three areas

The government will develop a program for the cluster of companies under the Lean Enterprise Development Program (LEDS) this year; work closely with areas facing human shortages to redesign their work processes to streamline the required manpower; To help small and medium enterprises digital, enhance productivity.

Human Resources Minister Lin Ruisheng yesterday in the Congressional Appropriation Committee debated the Ministry of Personnel expenditure budget, LEDS is currently access to a number of institutions such as the standard new office, the National Federation of Employee Employment and Functional Training Center (e2i) support, more than 2,000 companies In response to this plan, most of the small and medium enterprises.

He said that the government will further promote LEDS in three areas this year. First, the government will accelerate the development and deployment of solutions for enterprise clusters, not just for individual companies. From the enterprise cluster to start, to ensure that the program is widely used to achieve a more provincial, better and faster results.

Simplify processes to deal with human shortages

Secondly, the government will work closely with those areas where labor demand increases or is faced with human shortages due to the aging of the labor force, redesigning its work processes, becoming more lean and have a better career prospects.

On the third aspect, Lin Ruisheng said: "We will strengthen the scope of LEDS, with this year launched a new program, our institutional partners will help more digital small and medium enterprises, and expand foreign markets.

In yesterday's debate, Zhang Sile, Minister of the Ministry of Manpower, pointed out that 30 pre-school centers as a case indicated that these pre-school centers had access to food supply, promotion of manpower and efficiency through central kitchen.

He also pointed out that LEDS pointed out that LEDS is to help SMEs in one of the key ways of digital.

He pointed out that the improvement of productivity and the adoption of technology to benefit from the staff, in the LEDS under the new Bureau of the support of the company is expected to create nearly ten thousand copies of quality work. And through the LEDS program to obtain e2i support, work redesign, the average salary of workers increased by 18%.

For more companies to join LEDS

In addition, he also revealed that nearly 1,100 SMEs benefited from last year's in-service training program (P-Max), with 1,200 professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMET) included in the program.

He also pointed out that the "innovative" thinking in the entrepreneur community blossom everywhere, to promote more models based on the industry cluster model, in the adoption of these solutions, to create a transmission of ten, ten mass of the spread effect.

He said that this year will strive for more companies to join LEDS, the target set at least 2,400 companies.

Excess Inventory Guru Pte Ltd began working with the government in July last year to encourage more SMEs to use their cloud platform to manage and sell more out of inventory.

The company's president, Kwakyama (47), pointed out that many companies have to spend a lot of money to maintain these stocks, such as heavy machinery or parts, but also to hire additional staff to do the goods work, which will increase the cost. General companies will have at least 5% of additional inventory, some of which companies in order to achieve greater economies of scale, will buy a lot of machines, the results of additional inventory up to 30%.

"Very often, small and medium - sized business owners do not have much time to think about how to make the business more streamlined," he said. "We have to let them see how technology can help them save costs and better convince them.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao

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