EIG Escrow Assurance 

With Escrow Assurance you can now buy and sell on EIG safely in local and international trade.

EIG holds buyers’ payments while orders are being processed and delivered. Once both the buyer and supplier have verified that the transaction is complete, the money is released to the supplier.

1. Buyer makes an order and Seller gets notified of purchase.

2. Seller processes the transaction and dispatches the goods.

3. Buyer notifies EIG of receipt or raise a dispute within 45 days.

4. EIG releases funds to Seller after 45 days, if no dispute or after resolution.

·      When Buyers accept the offer and pay for the order, sellers will be notified of the purchase. This is a signal for sellers to process the transaction and dispatch the goods.

·      14 days after Buyers make the payment, EIG will send an email to confirm if Buyers have received products. And EIG reserves the right to ask for sellers to provide shipping documents when buyers reply no.

·      Within 45 days, buyers could notify EIG the receipt, and they have the rights to reply to EIG if

-        They do not receive products or 

-        They are not satisfied with the products they received or

-        The goods received are damaged or

-        Other reasons which is not stated above.

·      After 45 days, if Buyers do not raise any disputes, EIG will release payment fund to sellers’ bank account. 

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