About EIG

As the first B2B e-marketplace in Asia that focuses on surplus in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, eig88.com renders a one-of-a-kind solution to this industry-wide problem. With billions of dollars of overcapacity afflicting the industrial economy, eig88.com serves as a full-fledged marketplace connecting merchants to buyers to facilitate the movement of overstock.

We recognized the inevitability of surplus and the key challenges it poses for SMEs and large multinationals alike. The portal has enabled many companies to declutter warehouses and alleviate cash flow and mitigate storage concerns.

Buyers and merchants can negotiate and perform transactions with ease on eig88.com; closely mimicking B2B practices, enabling a seamless transition and adoption of technology into the workplace. Currently, it is the only marketplace tailored to the needs of the business community in Asia.




To provide a trusted B2B platform that easily connects
merchants to buyers to solve the concern of an overstocked warehouse.


To rid the global industrial economy of excess inventory.
We are the solution actualized.